Norfolk is renowned as one of the best places to find treasure and has become a destination for metal detectorists.

In 2021, data revealed that people in the county were the second most likely in the country to uncover hidden historical finds.

Over the years there have been a number of major hoards discovered, such as the Snettisham Treasure where hundreds of Iron Age items have been found over six decades.

Here are five moments when people in Norfolk struck gold.

1. Teenager finds coin nearly 1,000 years old

A teen metal detectorist from Great Yarmouth hit the jackpot when he discovered a rare Saxon silver coin.

Reece Pickering was searching a field in Topcroft, near Bungay, with his father when he unearthed the coin, which turned out to be a silver penny from the reign of Harold II and was dated to 1066.

The coin later sold at auction for £4,000 to a UK buyer.

2. Pendant more than 1,000 years old found by UEA archaeology student

A former University of East Anglia archaeology student managed to unearth an Anglo-Saxon pendant in south Norfolk.

Tom Lucking found the unique piece of seventh century jewelry near Winfarthing in 2014.

The pendant was later valued at by the government's independent Treasure Valuation Committee at £145,050, prompting a public appeal by the Friends of Norwich Museums to raise the money to save it for Norwich Castle where it remains on display.

It went on to feature in a national exhibition of Anglo-Saxon Britain.

3. Metal detectorist discovered two pieces of Saxon treasure

Mel Hollowger found a seventh century pyramidal mount and a gold strip at a location in north Norfolk in 2018.

The two finds were later declared treasure by Norfolk Coroners' Court.

Ms Hollowger, from Aylsham, had only started metal detecting six months before making the discoveries.

4. Trip to north Norfolk uncovers rare 'leopard' gold coin

Andy Carter was scouring a field outside of Reepham when his metal detector alerted him to something hiding in the ground.

It turned out to be a 14th century gold 'leopard' florin from the reign of Edward III, one of only six that have ever been found.

The coin sold at auction for £140,000 which was split between Mr Carter and the land owner where the coin was found.

Mr Carter is a keen metal detectorist who has discovered lots of finds over the years, some of which are on display at Norwich Castle Museum.

5. Treasure chest full of coins and trinkets discovered on a north Norfolk beach

A treasure chest full of coins and trinkets was discovered during a beach clean on a north Norfolk beach in March 2022.

Jennie Fitzgerald, from Norwich, found the chest behind a raised sand bed and brought it home to find out what was inside.

Other items found included an engraved matchstick holder, a signet ring and a rusted pocket watch.