Strong winds brought down a large chestnut tree in the grounds of a Norfolk church this morning - narrowly missing graves stones and the building itself.

The 40ft tree at Dickleburgh Church fell sometime before noon today, blocking a path leading from The Street to the church.

Janet Theobald, a member of the PCC, said it had first become aware of the incident after receiving a call at around 12.15pm from a member of the public who went to visit one of the graves, and went straight into action.

She, along with husband and churchwarden Robert Theobald, and Revd John Adlam, with his chainsaw, took about an hour and a half to clear a way through the path.

She said: "It was quite a tall tree, about 40ft or so, and about two or three feet in girth, which fell from the graveyard side over towards the church.

"It's been really gusty here this morning, it broke off at about six feet off the ground straight through."

"It's possible to get in and out of the church now, and for anyone to attend any graves."

Mrs Theobald said the PCC intends to clear the rest of the debris over the rest of the week.