The deeper England go into Euro 2020 this summer, the louder the chants of "it's coming home" are going to be.

One of the easiest ways to show your support for the Three Lions during a major tournament is to fly the St George's flag proudly.

But is it legal to do so?

No consent required

The good news for avid England fans is you do not require consent to fly a number of different banners – The St George's flag included.

Any country's national flag is allowed, as well as those of the Commonwealth, the European Union or the United Nations.

And the same is true for any flag representing a county, city, district or parish within the UK, so you're more than welcome to fly the black and yellow Norfolk colours along with the England flag.

Any flag of Her Majesty's forces is also permitted without needing to seek any specific consent.

What problems could I have?

While St George's flags are allowed, care should be taken to make sure they don't have an impact on other people.

This means ensuring they do not hinder or obscure official road, railway or waterway signs, or create a potentially dangerous situation for any such vehicles.

If you are not the land owner for the site where you want to fly a flag, then you should seek permission from them before doing so.

And extra care should be taken if you want to adorn your car with flags – it's allowed if they're small and do not hinder vision, but if they're blocking windows or causing too much of a distraction for other drivers then you may be pulled over.