Reaction to the news Paul Lambert has been confirmed as Aston Villa boss has already begun flooding in.

Here are some of your thoughts on social networking site Twitter:

@mrjakehumphrey: Paul Lambert took us from League One strugglers to Premier League participants in just 3 seasons. City fans should be nothing but thankful.

@stevegedge: In 16 days' time the dates of the #ncfc v #avfc fixtures become the first to be looked out for now, I guess.

@Holtmania: Now he's just somebody that we used to know...

@StanCollymore: Hope Norwich now get their new manager right to continue the great work over the last 3 years.

@GeoffHillyer: So - all confirmed then - Paul Lambert is the new manager of #avfc. A turbulent week for #ncfc - who'll be next to lead The Canaries?

@VitalNorwich: Feeling anger towards Lambert today. It'll pass.

@BobRutler: I wish I could say thanks and good luck to a legend. But it's sticking in my craw. A real sour end to a great three years.

@ChrisGeorge85: Thank you Paul Lambert u brought our club back from its knees. Shame u went to villa #allthebest.

@Chris_grand_333: Just to say thank you Lambert for a amazing 3 years and hope u do well at villa apart from when u play us! #ncfc

@canaryboy60: It hurts to see Lambert named as Villa manager but let's wish him well thank him for the amazing journey he led us on and we move on #OTBC

@LeeTodd76: So the Lambert years are officially over. Down to that man I had some of the best days and nights out of my life.