Money saving expert Martin Lewis has criticised food delivery firm Deliveroo for adding Klarna as a new payment method.

Klarna, which is a buy now, pay later service, has been added as a way of paying for food alongside credit, debit card and PayPal.

It means people would be able to pay off the cost of a curry, takeaway pizza, or fish and chips up to 30 days later or in three equal instalments over 60 days with a minimum spend of £30.

Carlo Mocci, chief business officer at Deliveroo, said: "Millions of people are already choosing Klarna and we're giving customers more choice and more flexibility with a safe, secure way to pay online."

But the decision received criticism from a number of financial figures and groups, including from Mr Lewis.

On his Twitter account, he posted: "Dear Deliveroo, do you really need pump debt as a way to pay for takeaways?

"Buy Now Pay Later may seem innocuous but it is not yet regulated and debt, even if done right is 0pc.

"Borrowing should only be if needed, for planned one off budgeted purchases, not a cheeky Nando's."

It has been feared the addition could encourage shoppers to build up unaffordable debt and mean Klarna could then pass the arrears onto debt collectors.

Missed payments would also show up on a person's credit file and potentially impact how they would pay for loans and mortgages.