Frustrated drivers have been warned to stop dangerously ignoring no entry signs during roadworks in a Norfolk town.

Police said motorists were driving around barriers and contravening no entry signs amid the closure of the main street through Harleston.

It comes after all traffic was banned from The Thoroughfare at all times.

Norfolk County Council, which is carrying out the town centre improvement work, said: “Unfortunately, safety concerns for both the general public and workforce have been raised regarding the entry of vehicles to load into the site of works at The Thoroughfare.

“Loading vehicles are typically large and with the restricted space due to the ongoing works, pose a danger to pedestrians and workers.”

In a warning to drivers, police said: “The Thoroughfare is currently closed to all through traffic at all times. Access for residents is by turning right from Church Street.

“It's not acceptable to go around the barrier from London Road direction as this means dangerously contravening no entry signs of Church Street.