The potential sale of a strip of land which would smooth the way for up to 15 new affordable homes to be built in a Norfolk village is set to be agreed.

Norfolk County Council is considering whether to sell a strip of land covering 64 square metres next to Flowerdew Meadow in Scole to pave the way for new housing.

The county council acquired the strip in 2010, as part of a property transaction which released land so Orbit Housing Group could build a dozen homes in Flowerdew Meadow.

Orbit now wants to buy more land nearby, which is allocated for up to 15 homes in South Norfolk Council's Local Plan.

The housing group has reached a deal with the landowner to do so - if planning permission for the homes is secured.

But the county council owns the strip of land which would be needed to access the new development.

So, at a meeting of the Conservative-controlled council's cabinet on Monday (November 7), councillors will be asked to agree to sell it, pending a recommendation by County Hall's agents that the offer is a fair one.