A primary school teacher whose daughter suffers from a life-threatening allergy has used her struggles as inspiration for a new children's book.

Katie Kinsella, of Needham, near Harleston, has penned a storybook called 'I Can't Have That, I Have Allergies' - inspired by her eight-year-old daughter, Evie.

Mrs Kinsella has to be delicately careful about what foods Evie eats, due to a dairy allergy so severe that it can be triggered without her even swallowing food.

Diss Mercury:

It has meant her entire family has changed its diet to make sure Evie's needs are met and she isn't put at risk.

Mrs Kinsella, who teaches at Harleston Sancroft Academy, said: "Evie went into anaphylactic shock at six months old, which was how we first found out. 

"Evie's allergy can affect her even if there is dairy in the air.

"We have had to completely change our diet and lifestyle to make sure that our home is always a safe place, where there is never anything dangerous there for her."

Diss Mercury:

Two years after Evie's first symptoms, Mrs Kinsella began working up ideas for a children's book, to help others understand her condition.

But it was not until lockdown that Mrs Kinsella finally started putting pen to paper.

The result is a story following an anxious hedgehog who can not go to his friends' woodland party due to food allergies.

Mrs Kinsella said she hoped the book would make people more understanding of the challenges families with allergies face.

"It is aimed at children in early education and my hope is that it can raise awareness for the difficulties facing children with serious allergies and represent those who live with them every day," Mrs Kinsella added.

"I want to help those families feel heard and understood.

"The most important thing is to help people understand allergies and give families a voice to be heard - and to make sure children with allergies don't feel left out."

The book is due to be released on December 1, via Amazon and Trigger Hub.

But despite not yet being out, it is already being well received - having reached the top of Amazon's 'hot new releases' list.