People from Norfolk have won more than £770,000 in June's Premium Bonds prize draw.

One person in the county won £100,000, another scooped up £50,000 and five others won £25,000.

Fourteen people won £10,000 and dozens more won £5,000 each.

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In the May draw, people from Norfolk won more than £725,000 across the region.

Jill Waters, NS&I retail director, said: "Premium Bonds are a fun way to start saving - customers are in with the chance of winning any one of our more than 4.9 million prizes.

"People up and down the country can start their Premium Bonds journey with an initial investment of just £25."

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Premium Bonds is an investment product issued by National Savings & Investments.

Unlike other investments, where investors earn interest or a regular dividend income, bonds are entered into a monthly prize draw where people can win between £25 and £1m tax-free.

Premium Bonds are available by investing at least £25.