A snow leopard at Banham Zoo has died after 17 years at the attraction.

Enif first arrived in Banham in 2006 from Tama Zoological Park in Tokyo.

She quickly bonded with male snow leopard Rocky and the pair had several cubs over the years.

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The pair played a vital role in the International and European breeding programme, helping protect the future of snow leopards.

A spokesman for Banham Zoo said: "We are absolutely heartbroken.

"Over the last 17 years, Enif has graced the zoo with her elegance and majestic nature and she will be deeply missed by the keepers and the wider Banham Zoo team.

"We will continue to support snow leopard conservation and we will never forget the incredible contribution Enif made to the survival of her species."

Enif lost her right eye in 2019 due to reoccurring ulcers and a similar problem had started to develop in her left eye.

With her sight and general health deteriorating, the staff knew it was time to say goodbye and she was put down at the age of 18.

Rocky was put down in February of last year at the age of 17 after his health started to deteriorate.

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Banham Zoo has been working with the Endangered Species Programme to source a new male snow leopard to continue its breeding programme.

It follows the death of Amur tiger Kuzma in March, the long-term mate of Mishka, who recently has three cubs.

The zoo recently unveiled controversial plans to shift its focus from exotic animals to species from the British Isles.