An investigation into the death of a man who went missing after a night out in Norwich six years ago has sent shockwaves around a village at the centre of the mystery.

The disappearance of 52-year-old Nigel Kedar has puzzled detectives since early 2017. 

It began when the father-of-one decided to visit a friend in Norwich on April 2 before planning to drive home in his Peugeot the following day.

Diss Mercury: Nigel Kedar disappeared in 2017Nigel Kedar disappeared in 2017 (Image: Norfolk Police)

But on April 3 a friend let the air out of his car tyres due to concerns that he was unfit to drive after the amount of alcohol he had drunk.

It is believed the builder then decided to walk home to Clacton in Essex.

On the same day, he appeared at Bethel Street Police Station over concerns for the welfare of another person at the property where he was staying - but the person was found to be safe and well by officers.

Mr Kedar was then seen at 10am by the same police officers before being reported missing by his family later that evening.

The last contact he had with someone was when he called his work colleague to say he would not be coming in, with police seizing his car in Goldwell Road in Norwich city centre.

Diss Mercury: The body was found just outside Mendlesham in the A140The body was found just outside Mendlesham in the A140 (Image: Denise Bradley)

But now, more than six years later, his body has finally been found.

On June 8 a member of the public stumbled upon the remains of a body in Norwich Road, Mendlesham, in north Suffolk.

Martyn Stitt has lived in the village for five years. He said: "You'd think if they were missing for that long, someone would have found the body sooner.

"It's shocking. It makes you think about all the people who had walked past that site in the last six years."

Diss Mercury: Mendlesham local Martyn StittMendlesham local Martyn Stitt (Image: Denise Bradley)

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CCTV caught Mr Kedar withdrawing £100 of cash from a shop in Long Stratton at 6.30am on April 4 in 2017 - before the last sighting of him in Dickleburgh at 9.30am. 

Police urged people who were driving on the A140 at the time of his disappearance to check their dashcam footage but Mr Kedar was never found. 

"I remember the case back in 2017," said another Mendlesham homeowner, who asked to remain anonymous.

"I'm very surprised they have only found the body now, especially after six years.

Diss Mercury: CCTV footage of Mr KedarCCTV footage of Mr Kedar (Image: Norfolk police)

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"It is highly unusual to walk on that road as it is known for being particularly dangerous.

"The whole case is a real mystery. 

"And someone out there must know what happened."

Mr Kedar's cause of death remains unclear, but Norfolk police have confirmed a post-mortem will be carried out in the next few weeks.

It is understood that no inquest has been started out at the county's coroner's court to date - but the service is expecting the case to be listed soon.

Diss Mercury: Mr Kedar's body was found in Norwich Road, MendleshamMr Kedar's body was found in Norwich Road, Mendlesham (Image: Denise Bradley)

"The A140 is a very dangerous road," said Mendlesham local Holly.

"I wouldn't even ride my bike down there. 

"It must have been an awful thing to find, and I'm surprised it took this long."

A spokeswoman for Norfolk Constabulary confirmed the identification of the body earlier this week.

They said: "The body has been formally identified as 52-missing-year-old Nigel Kedar, from Clacton, who was last seen outside a shop in Long Stratton on the morning of April 4, 2017.

Diss Mercury: The discovery was made just outside the sleepy village of Mendlesham, SuffolkThe discovery was made just outside the sleepy village of Mendlesham, Suffolk (Image: Denise Bradley)

"His death is currently being treated as unexplained." 

Speaking about his brother at the time of his disappearance, Richard Kedar described him as a friendly, hard-working man who was an important member of the family.

He said the disappearance was completely out of character, saying: "He is a normal sort of guy, lots of friends in and around his work place and at home."

Diss Mercury: Nigel Kedar's sister, Diana Mays, at a police press conference in May 2017Nigel Kedar's sister, Diana Mays, at a police press conference in May 2017 (Image: Newsquest)