A seafood shop selling the local catch of the day has seen a "sell out" first month with customers travelling from far and wide.

Jamie Potts, a fisherman who has been fishing off the East Anglian coast since he was a teenager, and his wife Teresa, opened Fisherman's Catch at Place Farm in Stuston at the start of July. 

Jamie Potts' catch is on offer, as well as seafood from other fisherpeople from up the coast, but the couple have already expanded their suppliers to keep up with the demand.

Diss Mercury: Seafood platter from Fisherman's CatchSeafood platter from Fisherman's Catch (Image: Fisherman's Catch)

Mrs Potts, who also works as an antique dealer, said: "We are overwhelmed that people love what we do and are supporting us as a family-run business with children.

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"Our customers understand how hard we work and are recommending us and coming back."

Diss Mercury: Takeaway boxes made up at Fisherman's CatchTakeaway boxes made up at Fisherman's Catch (Image: Fisherman's Catch)

The couple's son, who is 14, helps out at markets and their daughters, who are five and six, are "adamant" they will become fisherwomen.

Customers can pick up skate wing, Dover sole and lobsters, with seafood platters and other fruits of the sea also on offer.

Diss Mercury: Fisherman's Catch has opened at Place Farm in StustonFisherman's Catch has opened at Place Farm in Stuston (Image: Fisherman's Catch)

Diss Mercury: Jamie Potts' boat supplying Fisherman's CatchJamie Potts' boat supplying Fisherman's Catch (Image: Fisherman's Catch)

Customers have been travelling from across the region to visit Fisherman's Catch and Mrs Potts has been shocked that people would come so far for fish.

Following the popularity of the platters, the couple are aiming to expand to weddings and events - with requests for these already coming in.

Mrs Potts added: "We want to keep doing what we are doing and master the art."