Drivers in Norfolk will face increased speed checks over the next two weeks amid a police crackdown. 

As part of a national campaign by the National Police Chiefs' Council, speed checks and enforcement will be heightened until October 29.

Officers from the Roads and Armed Policing Team, the Road Casualty Reduction Team, the Commercial Vehicle Unit and the Safety Camera Partnership will work together to target those who pose a danger on the county's roads.

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According to Norfolk Constabulary, nearly 10pc of all collisions where someone was killed or seriously injured involved drivers travelling too fast for the conditions of the road.

Norfolk’s Police and Crime Commissioner, Giles Orpen-Smellie, said: “This year we have seen an extraordinary number of fatalities on our county’s roads.

"We cannot and must not treat road deaths as routine, this is a preventable issue that can be solved by driving with care and consideration. 

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"It is the responsibility of everyone, especially when you’re driving on familiar roads, not to be over-confident but to control and be aware of your speed at all times.” 

Motorists caught speeding will be issued with a Traffic Offence Report (TOR) and face a fine, points on their licence or even court action.

Some drivers can opt to take part in a speed awareness course.