Police have confirmed they will increase their patrols and crack down on drink and drug driving for the duration of Euro 2024. 

Officers have said they will be increasing their presence at popular venues and fan zones throughout the month-long tournament, which is being held in Germany between June 14 and July 14. 

Chief Inspector Nick Paling said this added presence will include officers from the Roads and Armed Policing Team to ensure people are not driving home under the influence of drink and drugs.

“It is likely to be an exciting time for football fans,” he said.

"But win, lose, or draw we are reminding people to conduct themselves in a sporting spirit.

“We know passions run high and while the tournament will likely give pubs a boost, excess alcohol can be a factor that unfortunately drives criminal behaviour spanning rowdiness and also drink-driving.

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“With that in mind, we would remind people to be mindful of their alcohol intake and to look out for each other so that everyone can have the best possible experience."

England kick off their campaign against Serbia at 8pm on Sunday.

Inspector Will Drummond added: “We understand that lots of people will be out celebrating as a part of the month-long event but this should never involve drink or drug driving.

“Your actions can have devastating consequences, not only for you but also those travelling around you.

"Do not be selfish and do not put yourself at risk.”