50 years and 121 donations of blood for Wymondham’s Viv Butterwick

Viv Butterwick has been donating blood for 50 years totalling 121 donations.

Viv Butterwick has been donating blood for 50 years totalling 121 donations.

In July 1966 Viv Butterwick first gave blood and 50 years later the 70-year-old from Wymondham has just made his 121st donation.

Mr Butterwick, who lives in the Aldwick Road with his wife Beryl, was inspired to give blood when the blood service visited his work in London.

And when the couple moved to the town 46 years ago, Mr Butterwick made sure he found a place he could donate.

'I like to try and help people when I can,' he said. 'For every unit of blood you are helping three people and it is about hopefully doing people some good.'

Mr Butterwick donates blood three times a year at Central Hall.

He has been awarded glass dishes for milestones, including 75 and 100 donations, and is a keen collector of other blood service memorabilia including an old milk bottle encouraging people to donate.

He said: 'I try and get people to donate. You have got to try and help people.

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'It is a marvellous service. I have reached 70 now and I am still going. I will keep going until the time comes.'

Wymondham Town mayor Joe Mooney has visited Mr Butterwick to offer his congratulations.

Mrs Butterwick added: 'I have never known somebody so dedicated to giving blood.

'There was one time when he was ill and he could not give it and he was so upset. He had the flu and the doctor felt sorry for him.'

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