Apple lovers head to Banham

It was a day filled with talk of Norfolk Beauties, King of the Pippins and even Bismarck as the forth annual Apple Day got under way in Banham last weekend.

Apple enthusiasts were able to learn more about various varieties, bring along their own for identification, or even crush them into a tasty juice.

Blueberry and apple trees were for sale, alongside apple pies and cakes, and more than 30 varieties grown in the Kenninghall Parish were for sale.

Held by the Kenninghall Lands Trust, alongside the East of England Apples and Orchards Project, at the Banham Barrel, visitors took advantage of the balmy weather to learn more about the fruit.

Kenninghall Lands Trust volunteer Lucy Whittle said: 'The point of today was to raise people's awareness of the joy of eating apples and the things you can do with them.

'We don't do it to raise money, we do it because we love apples and we think everyone should have an apple tree. The ones you buy in the supermarket are woolly and often they're not English.

'There are so many varieties in England which don't get picked and we're trying to promote the growing of unusual varieties.'