Attleborough High students become eco-ambassadors

Five students from Attleborough High School have become eco-ambassadors after attending an innovative climate change event.

Year 9 pupils Sophie Miller, Rosie Sherrell, Becky Swift, Annalise Gray and Emma Lascelles, travelled to Holt Hall to take part in a gathering organised by ACCORD - a partnership aimed at strengthening bonds in communities around the North Sea as well as giving young people in those regions new educational and cultural experiences.

This year's programme involved students from eight schools coming together to undertake a range of hands-on activities which heightened their environmental awareness and gave them the confidence to deal with those issues back at their schools.

Joel Rodker, lead teacher on the environment at Attleborough High, said: 'It was a pleasure to be involved with this project.

'The students from Attleborough immersed themselves thoroughly in the activities and got involved in complex discussions about the obstacles and opportunities presented by climate change.'

Student Sophie said: 'Climate change is a tricky topic to teach to people.

'You can teach them the facts and the figures, you can teach them the theories, but to get people to actually engage and start to do something about it is another matter entirely.

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'Well let me tell you, someone's definitely found the solution to that problem as everything we did on the trip taught us about climate change in an entirely new approach and made us realise exactly the effect we are having and how special the world around us really is.'