Big promotion for Diss martial arts star

Steve Whiting, left, with Robert Davis.

Steve Whiting, left, with Robert Davis. - Credit: Archant

Diss' Robert Davis was promoted to a 4th degree black belt in a Korean martial art after attending a major European championship event in Norwich.

The 2014 Kuk Sool Won European Championshps was held at the Sports Park at the University of East Anglia, Norwich.

Mr Davis has been training in the traditional Korean martial art for 15 years under instructor Steve Whiting, having started when he was just 11 years old. He has travelled all over the world to attend championships, including Korea, America, Spain and the UK, where he was previously grand champion. He has won over 100 medals to date, achieving gold medals at world, European and UK standard.

On Saturday evening he was presented with his certificate of promotion by the grandmaster Kuk Sa Nim.

The presentation was made at the European Masters Demonstration closing ceremony, which was attended by family and friends.

Mr Whiting was also promoted to 7th degree black belt on the same evening, making him one of only three 7th degree black belts in the UK.