Aldi and eBay recall products over urgent fire safety concerns

General view of Aldi supermarket logo in Swadlincote, South Derbyshire. Picture: Rui Vieira/PA Wire

Aldi and eBay have recalled products after it was found products sold by the retailers posed fire risks - Credit: PA

Outdoor furniture cushion covers and energy saving devices are among the products being recalled due to urgent safety concerns.

Trading Standards has issued warnings about a number of items that should be returned to the place of purchase for a full refund.

Aldi asks customers to return products over fire safety concerns

Aldi has asked customers to return a range of outdoor garden furniture cushion covers over fire safety concerns - Credit: Trading Standards

Aldi has asked customers to return cushion covers for multiple furniture items after it was found that the fire-retardant effectiveness may deteriorate over time.

Customers who have purchased these items between February 13, 2022, and April 20, 2022, should return them to an Aldi store for a full refund.

Product description
Cushion covers for multiple furniture units such as stools, benches, sofa sets and hanging chairs. Available in multiple colours.

Affected models: name and product code

  • Bench add on rattan effect - all colours - 718472, 718473, 718474
  • Add on stool two pack - all colours - 718488, 718489, 718490
  • Cushion set rattan effect corner set - 718487
  • Rope effect coffee set 3 pc - 812106, 812664
  • Rattan corner sofa set (with cover) - all colours (UK only) - 718223, 718224, 718225
  • Rattan corner sofa (without cover) - all colours - 718220, 718221, 718222
  • Hanging egg chair with cover (UK only) - 812611, 812612
  • Hanging egg chair - 812599, 812606, 812608

An energy saving plug-in device sold on Ebay has been recalled due to serious fire and electrical shock concerns

An energy saving plug-in device sold on Ebay has been recalled due to serious fire and electrical shock concerns - Credit: Trading Standards

A plug-in energy saving device available on eBay has been recalled as it poses a "serious risk of electric shock and fire".

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This is because it does not bear a plug compliant with regulations due to a number of failings, including having plug pins that are incorrect lengths.

The product is no longer being sold online, but for those who have already purchased the item it is recommended that they stop using it immediately and contact the distributor for a refund.  

Product description
Black and gold energy saving plug in device.

Electricity saving device sold on Ebay recalled due to safety fears

An electricity saving box sold through Ebay has been recalled due to failing electrical safety regulations and posing an electric shock and fire risk - Credit: Trading Standards

A second electricity saving device has also been recalled on eBay as it poses a serious risk of fire and electric shock.

The plug pins were found to be weak and could snap off easily in the socket and a number of other issues were found that could pose a danger if used.

Product description
White two-pin energy saving plug-in device.