Dog adventure playground planned for Norfolk village

Dog park planned for near Diss

Dog park planned for near Diss - Credit: Google Street View

A new dog park could get tails wagging in south Norfolk.

Under proposals lodged with South Norfolk Council, a field currently used for horses would be transformed into an adventure playground for dogs.

The developers behind the scheme, at Roydon, near Diss, want to install ball pits, sandpits, jumps, tunnels and other 'sensory play activities' suitable for the animals.

Keryl Watkinson, from West Brook Green Farm, said she wanted it to be a place for dog walkers to feel safe letting their pets off the lead to run around freely.

"We wanted to do something different," she said.

"In Diss, there are not many places to let dogs off the lead. This will be a safe and secure place for them to run around."

Ms Watkinson said the idea came to them when they got their own dog and saw dog walkers on the footpaths near their land.

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The park will be available for private bookings in half and one-hour slots.

"If a few people come it will be nice. It's a place for people to go with their dogs and let them enjoy themselves."

In a planning statement to South Norfolk Council, which will decide the application, Ms Watkinson said there are no neighbours who would be disturbed by the plans.

A five-meter gap between the public footpath and the fence surrounding the park is also planned.

Ms Watkinson has also suggested placing a bench next to the field so walkers can watch the dogs.

While another dog park exists around three miles away, the family hopes the new site would offer something unique, with the sensory equipment, and will not compete directly with the other location.

Roydon Parish Council has offered its support for the application, which it describes as an "asset for the community".

However, it raised concerns about traffic and dog waste.

To help ensure the road is not too busy, the council requested a booking system for visitors be used, keeping guests spread out throughout the day.

Ms Watkinson said dog waste bins and bags would be provided on the site to address waste concerns.