See inside the 'tiny mobile homes' built from scratch for £95,000

Alan Powley Rolling Homes Norfolk

Alan Powley and one of his 'tiny homes'. - Credit: Sonya Duncan

A Norfolk craftsman who 'loves building things' has created his own range of miniature homes - but fitted with all the mod-cons.

Rolling Homes Norfolk

Alan Powley in the 'tiny home' - Credit: Sonya Duncan

Alan Powley, who has set up Rolling Homes, started by making his own take on a shepherd's hut, which he sold to a friend. 

The structures are portable in that they can be towed by a large vehicle. All he buys complete is the trailer and then it takes up to a year to build the home to go on top. He never makes the same structure twice and does not work to any plans or drawings.

Rolling Homes Norfolk

One of Mr Powley's 'tiny homes' - Credit: Sonya Duncan

The largest, for sale for £95,000, weighs 3.5 tons and is aimed at being completely 'off grid' so with its own water and electricity supply.

Rolling Homes Norfolk

Inside the 'tiny home' - Credit: Sonya Duncan

You can park it up - its two solar panels power the electricity and it has running water for about a week from a 250-litre tank.

Rollling Homes Norfolk

The 'tiny homes' - Credit: Sonya Duncan

Even the loo has been built with no flushing required - just a neat eco-friendly system.

A gas boiler means you can cook on a hob and there is an oven and fridge. Then there is the craftsmanship involved with Mr Powley creating his own copper splashbacks and fitting the entire home out using different kinds of wood.

Rolling Homes Norfolk

Inside the 'tiny home' - Credit: Sonya Duncan

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Work surfaces have been built using reclaimed scaffolding boards which he has polished and fitted perfectly, even putting in the grooves for a draining board and there is a cover that goes over the ceramic sink.

Rolling Homes Norfolk

Inside the 'tiny home' - Credit: Sonya Duncan

The door handles are all made too by Mr Powley using hazel branches and the floor is polished bamboo.

He has made a drop leaf table from oak and there i a TV which comes out when you open a vintage suitcase on the wall.

Rolling Homes Norfolk

The TV which comes out of a vintage suitcase - Credit: Sonya Duncan

Elm timbers have created a set of stairs leading to a mezzanine double bed and there is a good sized shower in the bathroom - with another suitcase pulling out as a cupboard.

Rolling Homes Norfolk

Inside the 'tiny home' - Credit: Sonya Duncan

Mr Powley, who used to work putting up steel structures for a firm, travelling to remote countries, now devotes all his time to making what he calls his "tiny homes".

He works on a site near Diss and then when the homes are finished, he transports them to a meadow he owns in South Lopham.

"I never intended to do it to make money - but every time I finish one, someone wants to buy it so I'm now working full-time on them," he said.

"I just like making things. I get an idea in my head and I just get going, I love it. The other day my wheelbarrow broke so I made myself one.

"I built one of the homes for myself, my girlfriend and my son to use and we just love it.

"It's not a conventional motor home or shepherd's hut, so we do get some funny looks from the members of the Caravan Club when we pull into a campsite - but then they want to come and have a look inside."

Rolling Homes Norfolk

Another of Mr Powley's 'tiny homes' - Credit: Sonya Duncan

Mr Powley also has a more traditional shepherd's hut he's built which powers off an electricity supply.

He built a double bed in wood with hearts carved and underneath put in a tiny window - so children could sleep in that area below. 

Rolling Homes Norfolk

One of the 'teardrop' homes - Credit: Sonya Duncan

He has also made two 'teardrop' homes - beds on wheels - which can be towed by a car. "These save on time putting up a tent and are really comfortable," he said.

He also renovates old travellers' wagons - which feature on his website

But his big dream? "I'd like to build my own house," he said. 

"But with the staycation boost, I might find I'm a bit busy for that right now."