Charlie gets to crow about poultry prize

Charlie English with his Pekin Bantam chicken, Sarah. Picture: Rupert Stephenson, Poultry Photograph

Charlie English with his Pekin Bantam chicken, Sarah. Picture: Rupert Stephenson, Poultry Photographer. - Credit: Rupert Stephenson

A nine-year-old from south Norfolk has been crowned a champion at a national poultry show.

Charlie English, from Aslacton, was named junior handler of the year at the National Poultry Show 2014 held in Telford.

It was the nine-year-old's first time on the national stage. The show attracts nearly 7,000 entries from Britain, Europe and the world.

Charlie impressed judges with the presentation of his two-year-old Pekin Bantam chicken, Sarah, and his knowledge of the breed. The Aslacton primary school pupil said: 'I'm very proud because I have never entered a national competition before.

'It's a lot of effort because you need to make the bird completely clean and clip their feet and beak. Sarah means a lot to me and she is a really good chicken.'

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His mother, Jane English, 40, who was brought up around poultry herself, said chicken handling was beneficial for children as it helped them learn about responsibility,

She said: 'You need to get people like Charlie into it because they are the next generation. It's a good hobby for children and it is accessible for people.

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'Chickens are not that expensive and they don't need a massive amount of space.

'It also gives children a sense of responsibility as they need to be cleaned and looked after.'

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