Public concern over loss of town toilet block

The public toilet block in Mere's Mouth. Picture:Sabrina Johnson

The public toilet block in Mere's Mouth. Picture:Sabrina Johnson - Credit: Archant

Following the news a town is set to lose a central public toilet block residents have been sharing their views about the decision on social media.

Diss Town Council decided to allow the building housing the toilets to be demolished after a survey declared the foundations structurally unsound.

The decision has been met with concern from residents who raised issues about the distance of the remaining facilities from central Mere Street.

The public toilets in Mere's Mouth are one of three existing public toilet buildings, with others being in Diss Park and the Corn Hall.

Janice Garman said: 'People with mobility problems are going to find it too difficult to get to the Corn Hall for toilets and some will have difficulty getting to the ones the other side of the park.

'Thankfully I can walk to both but a lot of folk can't and children are often taken short quite quickly, as are some adults.'

Josie Loane added: 'There are lots of people who can't wait and some with illnesses such as inflammatory bowel disease.

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'Soon no one will bother to go shopping in Diss town centre.'

Currently owned by the district authority - which is under no obligation to provide public toilet facilities - ownership of the toilets was due to transfer to the Diss Town Council at the end of March 2018, following an £80,000 refurbishment of the building.

But a structural survey of the toilet block carried out last year found serious problems with its foundations, leading SNC to decide refurbishing the building would be uneconomical and instead suggesting the toilets be demolished.

The space at Mere's Mouth is prime location in the town and many have been musing about what will be done with the site.

Helen Muttock said: 'What is going to be built there instead? I know the toilet block isn't great, it always looks disgusting and when the wind blows the wrong way everybody can smell them.'

Following a discussion the council voted to pass the responsibility of the building back to SNC, requesting it not be demolished until after September 30.

Following demolition of the block the council will look at establishing a community toilet scheme.