Council threatens to remove youth facilities over vandalism

Damaged and graffitied youth pod in Diss Park.

Damaged and graffitied youth pod in Diss Park. - Credit: Diss Town Council

On-going vandalism that has seen youth facilities in a town centre park persistently being damaged has seen a council threaten to remove them.

Diss Town Council said it was also investigating installing extra CCTV after the latest spate that saw significant damage to a pod-style shelter for young people and to a pavilion building.

“It is upsetting that some people think it is ok to destroy things that are put in place for the benefit and enjoyment of others,” the council said.

Vandalised youth shelter in Diss Park

A youth shelter in Diss Park could be removed after the latest spate of vandalism. - Credit: Diss Town Council

It said some of the damage to the graffiti covered shelter was irreparable. “If this vandalism continues, we will have no option but to remove it altogether,” it added.

“We will be liaising with our CCTV contractor to get an additional camera installed in this area of the park and the police have been informed.”

The park beside Diss Mere has seen previous vandalism including damage to a £110,000 new play area just weeks after it had been installed.