Train driver relives near miss horror to highlight rail trespass risks

Railway trespass warning signs

People trespassing on rail lines cause 34 near misses every day - Credit: PA

A Greater Anglia train driver has described how he had to look away when he thought he was going to hit a man chasing his dog down a railway track.

Despite putting on the emergency brakes Glen Harwood feared the man was going to be killed by the speeding train.

Mr Harwood, who is also a driver trainer manager at Greater Anglia, said: “I put my brake into emergency and I’m sliding towards him. And that’s all I can do.

"I actually turned sideways. I was convinced I was going to hit him.”

He added: “I was all over the place. My heart was pounding.”

The near miss is recounted in a new episode of the train company’s Life on Rails podcast to highlight the dangers of trespassing on the line.

There are 34 near misses every day on the UK's rail network. Trespassers can be fined £1,000 but also risk their lives.

Mr Harwood said: “It’s an extremely dangerous place to be. Ultimately it is not a playground.”

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If you see someone trespassing on the railway, call 0800 405040 or 999, or text 61016.