Man jailed after trying to drown former partner in bath, court hears

Norwich Crown Court

Jaroslaw Rychlewicz jailed for attacking his former partner in bath - Credit: Judd

A man tried to drown his former partner in the bath knowing it brought home harrowing memories of her mother's death, a court heard.

Jaroslaw Rychlewicz, 45, had been drinking heavily when he attacked his former partner, pushing her into the bath and turning on the shower and taps leaving her gasping for air, Norwich Crown Court heard.

John Morgans, prosecuting, said it was particularly distressing as the victim's mother was killed by her partner, who was drowned in the bath.

Mr Morgans said Rychlewicz, who was in an 18 month relationship with the victim, had known what happened to her mother.

During the assault, Mr Morgans said Rychlewicz pushed the victim in the bath and turned on the hot and cold taps before spraying the shower in her face.

Mr Morgans said: "She was unable to breathe because of the water on her face and she was gasping for air and trying to push him away."

He said at one point she asked: "Are you trying to kill me?"

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Mr Morgans said she managed to push him away and climbed out of a window.

Mr Morgans said police were soon on the scene as a neighbour had already contacted them after hearing raised voices and a female sounding "fearful and crying".

Mr Morgans said the victim, who suffered an injury to her hand, did not want to make any statement but said the defendant had tried to drown her.

Rychlewicz, of Skelton Road, Diss, admitted causing actual bodily harm and assault by beating on May 15, this year and was jailed two years.

He was also made subject to a five-year restraining order.

David Stewart, for Rychlewicz, said that he was thoroughly ashamed and wanted to apologise.

He said Rychlewicz had written to the victim expressing his remorse and shame.

Jailing Rychlewicz, Recorder Guy Ayers said: "This was an extremely serious piece of domestic violence. You knew the victim's history and what happened to her mother. One can only imagine what went through her mind when you treated her in the appalling way you did."