Woman drops two dress sizes after ‘terrifying’ message from doctor

Diabetic Jennifer Darlow dropped two dress sizes after a 'terrifying' health warning from her doctor

Diabetic Jennifer Darlow dropped two dress sizes after a 'terrifying' health warning from her doctor. PHOTO: Slimming World - Credit: Archant

A woman who dropped two dress sizes after a doctor's warning has described her high risk health scare as 'terrifying'.

Jennifer Darlow, 52, from Homersfield was diagnosed with type two diabetes in 2012, which is hereditary in her family.

She was told by her doctor earlier this year that due to being overweight she was at high risk of needing insulin to control her blood sugar levels, which are currently controlled by oral medication.

In the UK, around 700 people a day are diagnosed with diabetes, the equivalent of one person every two minutes.

Ms Darlow said: 'I was shocked when the doctor broke the news to me about my health being at risk because of my weight. I knew I wanted to lose a few pounds but to be told my health was a high risk if I didn't was completely terrifying.'

There are now an estimated four and a half million people with the condition in the UK, which includes around three and a half million adults who have been diagnosed.

In response to her doctor's warning Ms Darlow joined her nearest Slimming World Group in August in Harleston. After 11 weeks she had lost one stone and dropped two dress sizes.

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Lisa Hartgrove, Slimming World consultant, said: 'It's been a pleasure to help Jennifer improve her health by losing weight. Diabetes is one of the biggest threats to our health with record numbers of people now on Diabetes-related medication. It is great that we are helping so many people to reduce the risk of diabetes.'

Ms Darlow's weight loss has also helped her to get more active. She added: 'I was never very active. I used to get breathless just walking up the stairs. With the support of the members in my slimming world group I started going for small walks with my dog and now I am enjoying jogging, I have so much more energy and I don't feel so sluggish or tired anymore.'

Jennifer returned to her doctors in October, who confirmed due to her weight loss her health has significantly improved and can now continue to manage her blood sugar levels with her healthier lifestyle and oral medication.

Lisa Hartgrove runs Slimming World groups on Thursdays at 7.30pm at the Archbishop Sancroft C of E High School in Harleston.

For more information telephone 07860 793826, or email losewithlisa@outlook.com.