Diss biker faces Africa challenge

A keen motorcyclist is planning to take part in an endurance event in Africa to raise money for charities which help some of the continent's poorest people.

SOUTH Norfolk motor-cyclist Craig Charnley is planning to take part in an endurance event in Africa to raise money for charities helping some of the mighty continent's poorest people.

Craig, 26, from Diss, has been riding motorcycles since he was a youngster, following in the tracks of other members of his family.

"My late grandfather began grass track racing at the age of 16 and raced at Brands Hatch before the tarmac circuit was established," he said. "He went on to take up scrambling and competed in many events throughout the 1950s."

The passion for motorcycles was transferred to his two uncles, who both rode motocross in their teens and early 20s.

"Both my uncles and I hold a full motorcycle licence and enjoy touring and have been to the Isle of Man and the North-West 200 motorcycle races. I have recently taken up motocross myself and hope to ride competitively next year," said Craig.

And now he is planning to take part in the Enduro Africa challenge, which will involve eight days of dusty and demanding riding along the famous Wild Coast, through some of South Africa's most rugged and isolated terrain.

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The adventure will raise money for Unicef, the Princes' Fund for Lesotho, the Nelson Mandela Children's Fund and Touch Africa.

Craig, a quantity surveyor who works for Kier Eastern, said: "I strongly believe that we should do what we can

to help those less fortunate than us.

"After seeing Princes William and Harry taking part in Enduro Africa 2008 on the television, I was convinced that I should take part in the event.

"It is my target to raise £10,000. The minimum requirement is £5,000.

"I am going to personally contribute £1,500, which covers the organisers' costs. Expenses such as fuel for the bike and food must be paid by the participant."

Craig plans to raise money through corporate sponsor-ship and by selling raffle tickets with cash prizes.

"The top five corporate sponsors will have their logos printed on my clothing and will get my video diary and photographs for their use," he said.

To find out more about Craig's challenge email archelyn@btinternet.com