Diss Town Council appoints three new councillors

John Robertson. Picture: John Robertson

John Robertson. Picture: John Robertson - Credit: Archant

A town council has filled three vacancies, co-opting a former Metropolitan police officer, a church minister and a retired agricultural engineer to its ranks.

Eric Taylor, Picture: Eric Taylor

Eric Taylor, Picture: Eric Taylor - Credit: Archant

At a full town council meeting held in March, Diss Town Council, acting on behalf of the electorate voted in three new members, bringing the total number on the council to 13.

Choosing between four candidates, councillors welcomed, John Roberston, Michael Crawford and Eric Taylor.

John Roberston, 69, who has lived in Diss for three years explained why he had decided to put himself forward to become a councillor,

'I just felt that maybe I could contribute something to the council. It's a very friendly and lovely town and there is something here that I could do.'

Reverend Michael Crawford. Picture: Reverend Michael Crawford

Reverend Michael Crawford. Picture: Reverend Michael Crawford - Credit: Archant

The former Metropolitan police officer who has also worked with the London fire brigade said he hoped his experience working in a team and with different groups of people would help him in his new role as a councillor.

'I believe in social cohesion, where everybody looks after each other thereby ensuring a healthy and prosperous society.'

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The second of the new councillors, Eric Taylor, 72, who has lived in Diss For more than 35 years, said being chosen for the council was difficult to put into words;

'I'm delighted, I wanted to go on the council to make a difference.

'I have not always not been happy will all the decisions in the past, it's really only by putting yourself up you can make a difference.' Revd Michael Crawford, who first moved to Diss in the late 1980s, said he saw his new appointment 'as a golden opportunity to serve.'

'I'm keen on the environment, I like to see the streets clean and I want to make sure Diss retains it's market town standing.

'I also keen to make sure the people of Diss have the chance to feed into the discussion.'

The 72-year-old added 'I'm looking forward to working with alongside some nice people, there is lots to do in South Norfolk and I'm just looking forward to being part of a team.'

For more information on the council visit www.diss.gov.uk