For three decades, she has been a familiar sight for children before and after school, carefully guiding them on their journeys.

Yvonne Henson has given 30 years of her life to the children of Diss Church of England Junior academy in a variety of roles.

For the past 19, she has provided youngsters with a traffic safety net, serving as lollipop lady for a generation of children.

Now, as Mrs Henson celebrates her 80th birthday, the school has hosted a special event to show its appreciation for her decades of service.

The St Benet's Multi Academy Trust, which runs the school, organised a celebratory tea party, which was attended by the town's mayor, Eric Taylor and many of her beloved colleagues.

During the ceremony, Mr Taylor shared fond memories of being on the wrong end of one of Mrs Henson's finger wags for driving too fast.

And despite reaching the two big milestones, she doesn't plan on slowing down any time soon.

Mrs Henson said: "Thank you all very much for the kindness you have shown over the years.

"I've enjoyed every minute of my time at the school. I've done many jobs and have enjoyed every one.

"The children are what make my days so special and I'm hoping to continue for a few years longer yet."

Mrs Henson began life at the school as a cleaner and midday assistant and, for the past two decades, has also doubled up as lollipop lady.

In this capacity, she also helps children from neighbouring infant and high schools cross the road.

Jo Cerullo, headteacher of Diss Church of England Academy, said: "Yvonne is a vital member of our school, not only ensuring the children are safe crossing the road but tackling any wayward traffic that doesn't behave appropriately.

"We are lucky to have her as part of our team and I only wish I could have as much energy as she does."

Richard Cranmer, chief executive of St Benet's MAT, added: "Hearing about Mrs Henson brought a huge smile to my face.

"What an incredibly contribution to society she has made over 30 years.

"My congratulations go to her for her 80th birthday, along with my heartfelt appreciation on behalf of all the young lives she has supported over the years."