Send a thank you message to your child’s school and teachers

Diss Infant Academy teacher and pupils

Teachers have faced challenges to continue children's learning during a disrupted year. - Credit: St Benet’s MAT

The end of the school year is drawing near, and children will be saying goodbye to the teachers who have made such a big difference.

In an extraordinary year, teachers and school staff have gone above and beyond to make sure they can do their best for children in difficult circumstances.

We are giving children and parents the opportunity to send a message to say thank you.

Pupil studying at home

Pupils have faced periods of learning from home over the last 12 months. - Credit: PA

Whether school staff were brilliant at putting your child at ease during lockdown, or they have helped with homeschooling and been reassuring on the return to classes, we want to hear your thank you messages.

Send them in using the form with the teacher’s name, their school and your child’s name. As an extra special thank you, include a picture of your child alongside your message.

Alternatively you can email your message, together with your name and the name of the school and any images to

We will feature as many messages as we can ahead of many schools breaking up for the summer holidays.