Getting into the Olympic spirit at Wymondham College

STUDENTS at Wymondam College Library got into the Olympic spirit this week at an enterprise day.

STUDENTS at Wymondam College Library got into the Olympic spirit this week at an enterprise day.

The group of year 10 gifted and talented students took part in the Olympic Games Day.

The first session of the day was based around estimation and target setting. The students had to estimate their performance in a number of activities including the speed at which they could kick a football, their reactions and peripheral vision in touching lights on a BATAK board, sprinting over five metres and rowing.

The trainers from Learn by Design told them that the record for the BATAK board is 64 hits in 30 seconds by Jensen Button the Formula 1 racing driver, and five of the Year 10 girls working together just managed to beat his score.

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Later in the day the course was classroom transformed with activities focussed on business strategies, cash-flow forecasts and advertising.

The teacher who had co-ordinated the course Mary Quinton, said: 'These students will be 18 when the Olympics come to Britain in 2012. They may well be thinking of going off to university or into the world of work but the germ of an idea at the age of 14 could be all they need to start of a successful career when they leave school.

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'Days like this challenge them to think strategically and use their skills to come up with solutions to problems.'

The course was the starter activity in a full programme for gifted and talented pupils which will take place over the coming months.

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