Gig in the Park organiser tells council: ‘We’ve learned from our mistakes’

Diss Gig in the Park. PHOTO: Marc Betts

Diss Gig in the Park. PHOTO: Marc Betts - Credit: Archant

The organiser of a town music festival has pledged to learn from this year's mistakes.

Gig in the Park organiser Geoff Dixon told Diss Town Council there will be several changes at next year's event, including controlling noise with a marquee tent and finishing half and hour earlier on the Saturday and Sunday.

Trevor Wenman, Diss mayor and meeting chairman, proposed that plans for Gig in the Park 2019 be allowed to go forward subject to a series of conditions from the council, which was agreed.

Mr Dixon, who attended the meeting with his wife and son, said: 'It would be safe to say from our perspective it wasn't as much of a success as we would have liked it to be financially. We got hit by the weather badly and it caused us problems we hasn't expected, certainly the sound, and we knew that as it was happening that the wind was just picking the sound up and throwing it all over the town.

'But the main thing is more than 3,200 people came into the park, and had a good time, and were very safe. I think we can say on balance it worked.

'As time moves on if people can plan to actually benefit from something it can work. We have shown it can happen and it can happen safely. There are lessons that we've learnt and we've had 12 complaints which we're certainly not ignoring, and the 12 people, most of what they've said it what we've said ourselves.'

The council's conditions included a walk being kept open behind the park pavilion for public access, an upfront fee yet to be decided to the council, and public toilet access being maintained throughout the event.

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Mr Dixon added: 'Gig in the Park is a big thing for Diss. It brings a level of entertainment that's equal to the best you can get in London or anywhere else and brings much needed social capital.

'We're more than willing to work with members of the council and other people who were involved to make sure any issues we had last time, we just don't have them next time.'

The council also agreed that the park play area should be included within the event's boundary, and that its closure to the public should be better advertised in the future.

This year's Gig in the Park included children's activities put on within the play facilities.