Harleston widow finds beloved lost wedding ring

Mary Goodrick from Harleston, has lost her husbands wedding band whilst on a shopping trip to Morris

Mary Goodrick from Harleston, has lost her husbands wedding band whilst on a shopping trip to Morrisons. Mary's husband, George died several years who following a battle with cancer, the couple had been married for 60 years. - Credit: Archant Norfolk

A widow has spoken of her relief at being reunited with her late husband's treasured wedding ring.

Mary Goodrick was heartbroken when the gold band that had belonged to her husband George went missing.

The 90-year-old thought she had lost it Morrison's in Diss, as it disappeared after a shopping trip on Thursday, April 17.

An anguished search of the bus she had travelled on that day followed, with the lost item also reported to Morrison's.

The Mercury published an appeal last week, with Mrs Goodrick offering a £25 reward - the most she was able to give.

But thankfully the ring was found when her cleaner, Lorraine Reeve, came across it under a table at Mrs Goodrick's home in St Mary's Close, Harleston.

'It must've come off when I got home,' said Mrs Goodrick, whose had been married to her husband - an accountant at a firm based in Diss - for 60 years before he died from cancer in 2006.

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'It was a wonderful relief. It means everything to me.'

Mrs Goodrick, who used to work at Wattisfield Pottery, is now taking no chances with the ring.

She plans to keep it close by wearing it on a chain around her neck, so it cannot get lost again.

The pair had married in 1946 after meeting in India during the Second World War, where Mr Goodrick was a codebreaker.

They had four children - Brian, Diane, Steve and Jenny - and have 14 great-grandchildren.

They retired to Harleston in 1987 and celebrated their diamond wedding anniversary shortly before Mr Goodrick's death.

Mrs Goodrick plans to pass her husband's ring down to her son Steve.

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