Help Diss artist retrieve his paintings from Holland

A homeless artist is appealing to generous art collectors to help him retrieve 400 of his Renaissance-style paintings from the Netherlands.

Stuart Perry, 47, who lives at homeless charity Solo Housing's Old Post Office Maltings in Victoria Road, Diss, used to live in the Netherlands, but had to leave the paintings behind after splitting up with his Dutch wife Nelleke Groenenboom and returning to the UK.

Mr Perry said the paintings are in the style of the 'Renaissance' era in Italy in 1400 when there was a rebirth of ancient traditions and the art of classical antiquity.

During this period, the ideas of the Renaissance spread throughout Europe and affected not just art, but also philosophy, literature, music and science.

Among Mr Perry's collection is his version of the Madonna, which has become iconic in Christian artwork with versions being created by the Renaissance artists Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo.

He was born and raised in Worcester, but has since lived in Canada, the USA, Russia and South Africa, where he was involved with the casino business.

He said he needs to raise between �400 and �500 to be able to transport the paintings back to the UK.

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He was inspired to become an artist by his grandmother.

He said: 'It was actually my grandmother that brought me some paints when I was 12 years old and it went really well of course and after that I just carried on painting.'

He normally works on six or seven paintings a day, though he does not intend to sell them, but to use them instead in an exhibition.

Anyone who wishes to help Mr Perry should either phone 01379 650906 or e-mail