‘Dangerous’ illegal advertising trailers removed by council

Illegal advertising is being targeted by South Norfolk Council. Picture: Getty

Illegal advertising is being targeted by South Norfolk Council. Picture: Getty - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Illegal advertising trailers on main roads are being targeted in South Norfolk.

Trailer signs are being removed by South Norfolk Council and its partners across the district, as they are considered to be responsible for distracting drivers and therefore have the biggest impact on safety.

South Norfolk cabinet member, Lisa Neal said: 'South Norfolk is a beautiful part of the country and is being blighted by these large adverts stuck on trailers in our fields.

'They not only look terrible but they're also dangerous as they are placed by the side of our busiest roads and could distract drivers.'

South Norfolk Council, as the local planning authority is able to remove and then dispose of any display structure which, in the local planning authority's opinion, is used for the display of advertisements in contravention of regulations.

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Ms Neal added: 'These trailer adverts are for large events, organised by businesses that can afford to pay for advertising in the usual way and support our local media companies. Instead they choose to park by the side of the road or at busy junctions, restricting drivers' views.'

'Enhancing the local environment is a priority for the Council and it is committed to keeping South Norfolk as one of the best places in the country to work, live and visit.'

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