Norfolk County Council Elections 2021: Spotlight on South Norfolk

The Costessey village sign. Picture: DENISE BRADLEY

Costessey is one of the South Norfolk divisions being contested in the Norfolk County Council elections. - Credit: Copyright: Archant 2015

The Conservatives currently have a monopoly on all the Norfolk County Council divisions within South Norfolk - bar one.

And the long-serving Liberal Democrat councillor who had kept one yellow division in a sea of of blue is not standing this time.

Tim East, Norfolk County Councillor for Costessey. Picture: Bill Smith

Long-serving Liberal Democrat councillor Tim East is not standing in Costessey. - Credit: Bill Smith - Archant

Tim East has held Costessey for the Lib Dems since 1997, but Sharon Blundell, who represents Old Costessey at South Norfolk Council, will be battling to keep the division for the Lib Dems.

South Norfolk Council member Sharon Blundell.

Sharon Blundell is the Liberal Democrat candidate for Costessey. - Credit: COSTESSEY TOWN COUNCIL

In 2017, 387 votes separated Mr East from his Conservative challenger Andrew Wiltshire.

This time, the Conservatives are fielding John Irving, Labour's candidate is Jamal Sealey and Owen Watkins is standing for the Greens.

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In Clavering, Conservative Margaret Stone, who, in 2019, apologised for an 'insensitive' email in which she called a couple 'selfish' for their campaign against disability cuts, is not seeking re-election.

In 2017, she garnered 625 votes more than the Lib Dems to hold the seat for the Tories, but it is her husband, Barry Stone standing this time,  switching from the Loddon division he currently holds.

Barry Stone, Norfolk county councillor. Pic: Norfolk County Council.

Conservative Barry Stone has switched from Loddon to Clavering. - Credit: Norfolk County Council

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His opponents are Lib Dem Ian Stone, Green Eric Wareham and Alison Green for Labour.

In Loddon, Mr Stone is replaced as the Conservative candidate by Kay Mason Billig, who represents Loddon and Chegrave on South Norfolk Council.

She is up against Lib Dem Gill Stone and Labour's Jeremy Rowe, who also represents Loddon and Chedgrave at Swan House, in a division where the Conservatives took just over 63pc of the vote last time.

Jeremy Rowe

Jeremy Rowe, Labour's candidate for Loddon. - Credit: Labour Party

West Depwade could be an intriguing division. Having not been selected to defend his seat for the Conservatives, current incumbent Bev Spratt, who took just over 65pc of the vote in 2017, is running as an independent.

Bev Spratt, Conservative county councillor for West Depwade. Pic: Norfolk Conservatives.

Bev Spratt is standing as an independent in West Depwade, having not been selected by the Conservatives. - Credit: Norfolk Conservatives

Barry Duffin, vice-chairman of South Norfolk Council, who represents Forncett at Swan House, was picked ahead of Mr Spratt as the Tory candidate.

The pair will fight it out with Green Carol Sharp, Labour's Alyson Read and Lib Dem Bob McClenning.

With Joe Mooney, who has held Wymondham for the Conservatives since 2009. not standing, it is up to Robert Savage to keep that division in Tory hands.

His opponents are Labour's Christopher Bunting, Lib Dem Suzanne Nuri-Nixon and Green Paul Sutcliff.

Teddy, a 14-week old puppy waits outside the polling station at South Wootton Village Hall. Picture:

Norfolk goes to the polls on May 6.

Another Conservative not on the ballot this time is Colin Foulger, who has held Forehoe since 2013.

Daniel Elmer, who represents Cringleford on South Norfolk Council is the Conservative candidate.

Vivienne Clifford-Jackson, who represents Mulbarton and Stoke Holy Cross on South Norfolk Council is one of his opponents.

Also running are Ian Boreham for the Greens, Tom Matthews for the Reform Party and John Morland for Labour.

Ian Boreham, Green Party candidate for New Costessey

Ian Boreham, Green candidate for Forehoe. - Credit: Archant

Conservative cabinet members Margaret Dewsbury (communities and partnerships) and Martin Wilby (highways and infrastructure) will be looking to retain Hingham and East Depwade, respectively, while sitting Tories Keith Kiddie (Diss and Roydon), Vic Thomson (Henstead), David Bills (Humbleyard) and Alison Thomas (Long Stratton) aim to see of their challengers.

All 84 seats at Norfolk County Council are being contested on May 6.

A multi-million pound contract for the final stages of a revamp to Norfolk County Councils headquart

All 84 seats at Norfolk County Council are up for election. - Credit: Archant

The council's political make-up is Conservatives 52, Labour 16, Liberal Democrats nine, Independent three, Independent (non-aligned) one, non-aligned one and two vacancies.

Who is standing in South Norfolk?

Clavering: Alison Green (L), Barry Stone (C), Ian Stone (LD), Eric Wareham (G) 

Costessey: Sharon Blundell (LD), John Irving (C), Jamal Sealey (L), Owen Watkins (G) 

Diss and Roydon: Keith Kiddie * (C), Pam Reekie (L), David Reynolds (G), Trevor Wenman (LD) 

East Depwade: Bernard Chauly (LD), James Eddy (L), Andrew Newby (G), Martin Wilby * (C) 

Forehoe: Ian Boreham (G), Vivienne Clifford-Jackson (LD), Daniel Elmer (C), Tom Matthews (Reform), John Morland (L) 

Henstead: David Fairbairn (LD), Chris Smith (L), Vic Thomson * (C), Julie Young (G) 

Hingham: Gary Blundell (LD), Kendra Cogman (L), Margaret Dewsbury * (C), Victoria Walters (G) 

Humbleyard: Janet Bearman (G), David Bills * (C), Simon Chapman (L), Julian Halls (LD) 

Loddon: Kay Mason Billig (C), Jeremy Rowe (L), Gill Stone (LD) 

Long Stratton: Shaun Button (G), Jon Norton (LD), Alison Thomas * (C), David Vail (L) 

West Depwade: Barry Duffin (C), Bob McClenning (LD), Alyson Read (L), Carol Sharp (G), Beverley Spratt * (I) 

Wymondham: Christopher Bunting (L), Suzanne Nuri-Nixon (LD), Robert Savage (C), Paul Sutcliff (G)

* Denotes sitting councillor

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