Local election 2019 results: Relive the drama of the day as it unfolded

Who will we be voting for next time? Labour and the Conservative had better watch out, says James Ma

Who will we be voting for next time? Labour and the Conservative had better watch out, says James Marston Picture: Victoria Pertusa - Credit: Archant

Thousands of voters have completed their trips to polling stations as they select just who will represent them in the town and city halls across the region.

With polling stations now closed and voted collected, we will soon know which parties will be celebrating and which will be commiserating when the results are declared.

Already, North Norfolk District Council has completed its count, with the Liberal Democrats claiming a resounding victory, claiming 30 of the 40 seats available.

Meanwhile, the remaining councils are in the process of counting and verifying the results, with King's Lynn and West Norfolk Borough Council being the first of these to declare any wards.

With the council rattling through its results, the most notable so far has seen cabinet member Alistair Beales unseated by Independent candidate Robert Lawton.

Meanwhile the Greens have also gained a seat on the council, with Andrew De Whalley claiming the Gayton and Grimston ward.

An extraordinary scene has since unfolded with the Conservatives one seats short of an overall majority with one seat left to declare.

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This seat was then recounted after a majority of just three votes was discovered, leaving the council's control on a knife's edge.

There will also be a Green councillor in another uncharted territory from the previous election for the party - Breckland - with Philip Morton winning a seat in Dereham Neatherd. This was soon followed by a second Green gain in the district, Timothy Birt in Saham Toney.

However, the Conservatives were still able to hold onto their majority in the council - though Labour was able to add to the three seats it won in the district in 2015.

A small piece of political history has been made in Suffolk, with Conservative Stephen Burroughes becoming the first ever elected councillor for the newly-formed East Suffolk Council, in the Kelsale and Yoxford ward.

The first results are also filtering through at both Broadland and Breckland Council, with Broadland leader Shaun Vincent notably holding onto his seat in Plumstead by just 22 votes.

The first result in Great Yarmouth has seen three Labour party candidates elected in Claydon - Carol Borg, Cara Walker and Bernard Williamson.

Just after noon, South Norfolk Council declared its first results, with Conservative candidate James Knight elected in the Thurlton ward and leader John Fuller holding onto his seat in Brooke.

Norwich City Council was the last to declare its first result, with leader Alan Waters among three Labour candidates to hold onto seats in the Crome ward.

Meanwhile city council officials have indicated a number of ballot papers were spoiled with Brexit-related comments.

For all the results as they are declared and the latest reaction and analysis, follow this live blog for the next 24 hours.