Long Stratton pupils celebrate languages day

Pupils at a Long Stratton school celebrated this year's European Day of Languages in their own very special way by bringing to their lesson lots of evidence to prove that France exists.

The evidence at St Mary's Junior School included French food wrappers, photographs, postcards, information about a French football team and a giant French flag.

September 26 marked the 10th anniversary of the European Day of Languages event.

The Long Stratton children, who are between 7 and 9 years of age, have been studying the La Jolie Ronde French programme as an extra activity with Melissa Watts, who teaches French classes to the children during lunchtime on a Wednesday.

She said: 'Learning French comes easy to young children. They have a keen ear and are very receptive. At this very young age, the strategies and language learning skills, which they use for developing their own language, are very active.'

'The European Day of Languages is the perfect opportunity to promote and encourage the importance of language learning at primary level and a great way to start new initiatives and to boost the children's language capability, she added.