Student police officer makes drug arrest on her first traffic stop

South Norfolk District police officer PC Daisy Norman. Photo: Harriet Orrell

South Norfolk District police officer PC Daisy Norman. Photo: Harriet Orrell - Credit: Archant

During a routine traffic stop a student police officer got more than she bargained for.

'We pulled him over for having a brake light out,' said PC Daisy Norman, 'and ended up finding cannabis in the car.

'I've got a lot to learn from that one.'

The 23-year-old has been plodding the beat of South Norfolk for just six weeks since she finished her police training early this year.

However PC Norman is no stranger to the Norfolk Constabulary after having worked in the control room receiving 999 calls and dispatching police for two and a half years before becoming an officer herself.

'The career progression that comes with being a police member of staff really helped me see all areas of the police,' she said.

'Control room staff deal with so many different scenarios and it definitely prepared me for being an officer.'

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PC Norman also worked as a special constable before beginning her training as a police officer which she says helped her with the day to day understanding of the work she does today.

For the first ten weeks after being released from the classroom she spends all of her time with a tutor who ensure she is lawful, competent and safe to work as a police officer.

But becoming an officer of the law isn't easy.

PC Norman is the first in her family to step into the uniform and she admits it has been a challenge.

She said: 'My mum was nervous about not knowing what I'm doing every day but it's about finding your feet and gaining confidence - she's ok now.

'I was really nervous about conducting interviews but it was a learning curve and comes with practice.'

No two days are the same for PC Norman, but what she is sure of is that policing is the right career for her.

She said: 'What I've done is the best way to get into the constabulary, in my opinion.

'Working as a special or as a police member of staff has really helped me.'

Next month we will speak to PC Norman's colleague just as he steps out on his own after finishing his 10 weeks with a tutor.