Twins rid village walking routes of rubbish

Lockdown litter pickers Nancy and Fletcher Hutton-Wigby

Nancy and Fletcher Hutton-Wigby, 10, have helped to rid North Lopham of rubbish with their lockdown litterpick. - Credit: Clare Hutton

Oxygen tanks, an acid container and a horse whip are among the litter found around a Norfolk village by a pair of 10-year-old twins.

Nancy and Fletcher Hutton-Wigby, from North Lopham, have collected 40 bin bags of rubbish since the start of the most recent lockdown found on their daily walk around the village.

Supported by parents Clare Hutton and Tony Wigby, the family began taking litter pickers and bin bags out with them and began clearing up the routes as they went.

The results have not gone unnoticed by the community, who ahead of Easter have sent eggs and flowers to the family to thank them for what they have done.

Mrs Hutton said: "It was too cold to bike so we started walking all of our bike routes and we just noticed how much rubbish there was.

"The amount we collected was phenomenal. I think it must be at least 40 bin bags of rubbish. One litter pick at the village hall, the stuff we were finding, plastic bins, chairs, oxygen tanks, a horse whip. We had to ask the council to come and collect it.

"The saddest thing we found was the acid container, what damage that could possibly do, it could leak acid into the water."

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Nancy and Fletcher, who attend St Andrews Primary School,  said the best present of all has been since undertaking the litter picks is they are now picking up less rubbish on their walks.

Mrs Hutton said: "Fletcher and Tony they get into the ditch and fling it and Nancy and I bag it up. It's been a real family effort.

"We have had Amazon vouchers in the post sent anonymously. The council sending Easter eggs and flowers. It has been unbelievable.

"Over Easter we went out for a walk and took the litter pickers, we didn't even get a quarter of a bin bag. I think the message is getting through.

"They [the twins] were so excited they did not have to pick up any litter, they said 'what we are doing is working."