A "well-liked" man who died after complications while being restrained by police dreamed of building a family, his brother told an inquest.

Krystian Kilkowski, of Diss, died in the early hours of his 32nd birthday - August 11, 2020 - after having an acute behavioural disturbance.

An inquest into his death is due to enter its fourth week and will conclude in the coming days.

In a tribute read out to the court on Friday, his brother Damian Krok described Mr Kilkowski as "a happy and cheerful man".

Mr Krok also spoke of his sadness that his young son will never grow up to know his uncle.

Mr Krok said: "Krystian and I were born in Poland and grew up there.

"Growing up, we were part of a large family of nine. We didn't come from a wealthy family but it was always fun and we stuck together.

"My brother was two years older than me. As children, we spent all our time together."

He added that the pair had a "close brotherly bond that continued into our adult lives".

Mr Krok said his brother had a lot of passions, including fishing, and liked to inspire others with his passions.

He added: "When Krystian was 15 we made a gym in the basement of our house because he had become interested in bodybuilding.

"He started learning English because he wanted to become a bodybuilding and fitness personal trainer in England.

"He had an extensive knowledge of fitness and wanted to be able to pass this knowledge on to others."

Mr Kilkowski moved to England at around nine years ago and travelled all over Europe, to Germany, Holland and Sweden but lived in Diss and planned to settle locally.

Mr Krok added: "Krystian was happy in England and he planned to live here permanently.

"He had been with his girlfriend for a couple of years and wanted to move out to Norwich and start a family.

"Krystian was well liked by everyone who met him. He was always smiling and liked to crack jokes.

"He had many friends and was helpful to those who needed him."

The inquest continues.