Plans to rehome mere geese ruffles feathers

Diss Mere has provided a home for many species of birds, including geese.

Diss Mere has provided a home for many species of birds, including geese. - Credit: Archant Norfolk

Six geese who have made a home on Diss mere are to be removed after fears were raised by a town council that they would attack children.

Diss Town Council have caused upset among nature lovers after it was revealed it is looking to rehome the birds, who were put there by 'persons unknown' around a year ago, according to a council spokesman.

Heather Heslop, of Mount Road, Diss, said she regularly fed the birds.

'I am nearly round the bend about this because I can't accept what they are doing. It is wrong and then they say the council have not had any complaints about children being attacked,' she said.

Another wildlife enthusiast, Julie Thomas, of Taylor Road, Diss, said: 'I think it is another another instance of people pushing animals, nature and wildlife out of the way and it is the wrong message to give to the younger generation.

'We should appreciate wildlife and respect it and I want the geese to stay on the mere.'

An attempt was made to capture the birds on Monday after the council consulted with the RSPB and RSPCA, which agreed that because of possible risks to the public and because the birds did not originate from the mere, it would be appropriate to remove them.

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However, the operation had to be abandoned because the geese were sheltering from the heavy rain by a shop next to the Waterfront Inn in Mere Street and it was too difficult for the council officials to remove them.

The town council had to change their plans to rehome the birds at a farm run by a relative of Diss resident Graham Smith, after the owner pulled out.

Sarah Richards, deputy town clerk, said it was in the process of finding an alternative home for the geese, believed to be crossbreed Embens.

'They are domestic birds and need to be moved. We think we've found somewhere with suitable facilities for them, although that is yet to be finalised,' she said.

She added that the council had received no official complaints about the birds.

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