Police mark catalytic converters in Stradbroke

More than 50 catalytic converters were marked by police in Stradbroke at the weekend as part of a crime prevention event.

Police Community Support Officers from the Mid Suffolk North Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT) held the event on Saturday to help crackdown on the theft of the vehicle parts, which are stolen for scrap metal.

The day was organised by PCSO Steve Long in partnership with Barley Green Garage to engrave drivers' catalytic converters and spray them with heat-resistant paint in order to identify it if stolen.

Local scrap yards and metal traders were also informed prior to the event and were urged to contact police should any marked catalytic converters be brought in to sell.

PCSO Long said: 'In total 52 vehicles were marked on the day and officers were kept busy from 10am right up until the last car went on the ramp at 4pm.'

'I was very pleased with the success of the day and I will be looking to hold it again in the future. I strongly believe that it will not only help raise awareness of the issue but also help to reduce this type of crime in rural areas.'