Pulham Market school’s food for thought for children

Children at Pulham Market Primary School had food for thought when they sold cereals bread and pasta to raise money for poor children who have lost limbs. The youngsters also brought in jams, fresh fruit and vegetables to sell to parents over tea and biscuits at the school's harvest service at Pulham St Mary church on October 7 to raise money for Elizabeth's Legacy of Hope.

The charity aims to help children in developing countries who need artificial legs to replace limbs lost through illness, accidents or deliberate amputation.

Trustee Victoria Bacon said the charity was set up earlier this year, after her mother Elizabeth Panton was killed by an out-of-control London bus four years ago.

Her niece, Pollyanna Hope, had to have one of her legs amputated, while Pollyanna's mother Sarah was also badly injured.

She said the family was trying to make sense of the tragedy by doing what it could to help children who don't have access to the same care that Pollyanna has.

Mrs Bacon and her husband Richard Bacon MP, the charity's patron, visited Tanzania a few weeks ago to meet some of the children Elizabeth's Legacy of Hope has already been able to help.

She also visited the school to speak to the children about the charity's work.