Sibling rivalry boosts Harleston twins’ GCSE grades

Tom and Jack Parsons, from Archbishop Sancroft High School in Harleston.

Tom and Jack Parsons, from Archbishop Sancroft High School in Harleston. - Credit: Archant

They say that sibling rivalry is one of the toughest forms of competition a youngster has to face.

However in the Parsons household, the battle to prove which brother is the best definitely intensified as two twins sat their GCSEs at the same time - with each determined to beat the other.

Tom and Jack, both 16, were born just two minutes apart and have always maintained a close - if good-natured - rivalry, whether it be when playing PS3 computer games or on the sports field.

So when it came to sitting their GCSEs earlier this year, the pair of Nelson Close, Harleston naturally rose to the challenge once again.

Yesterday was the moment they finally discovered who had come out on top - and it was Jack who narrowly edged the contest, with two A*s, six As and one B.

However, it couldn't have been closer - Tom achieved two A*s but got one less A grade, instead getting two Bs.

The Archbishop Sancroft High School (ASHS) students were delighted with their results, with Tom saying: 'I'm really happy. My mum was delighted and our family and friends will be really proud of us.'

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Jack, the slightly older of the two, said: 'There is no better competition. We knew we were of a similar ability but we didn't know who was the best. This is the first time we've got the results to prove it.'

However he stressed the rivalry was not a bitter one but was instead constructive, with each pushing the other to achieve his best.

'A lot of our revision was joint revision,' said Jack. 'We found the best way to revise was to ask each other questions.

'No-one has ever told me and Tom that we have to beat each other. It's natural because we've always been competitive.'

The rivalry will now perhaps die down a little, with the brothers going to separate sixth forms to study A-levels - Tom to Bungay High Sixth Form Centre and Jack to Notre Dame Sixth Form in Norwich.

However although Tom is studying biology and history and Jack is studying physics and psychology, both will sit exams in chemistry and maths - meaning the competition will continue for another couple of years yet.

Whoever comes out on top, it will be a close but friendly battle.

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