Support charity shops call

South Norfolk councillors are calling on residents to support local charity shops.

South Norfolk councillors are calling on residents to support local charity shops.

It follows their decision last week to call off a 'clear your clutter' trial because of worries that the amount of clothing being brought out to council staff for recycling would hit supplies to charity shops.

Cllr Keith Weeks, chairman of the environment, health, recycling and safety overview sub-committee said he did not want the trial hurting local charities at a time when they were struggling.

And he called on the public to show more support.

'Recent reports show charity shops are running out of clothing to sell. This is especially bad news at a time when we know financial contributions have reduced, and charities are under increasing pressure for their good works,' he said.

'We appeal to all residents to consider what surplus clothing, bedding etc they may wish to clear and take it along to their local charity shop. This will not only help the charity continue its good work, it will also ensure that the goods are being used by a charity which will benefit by 100 per cent.'

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He added: 'In addition every piece of clothing not put into the black wheeled bin, means less going to landfill, and that could mean less cost to the taxpayers.'

Sue Morgan, manager of the Oxfam shop in Diss, welcomed the council's decision regards the trial, and its appeal for public support.

'The amount of clothing coming to us has fallen recently because of the recession. People are not spending so much on new clothes and are hanging onto what they have got, but the council trial shows there is clothing that people want to get rid of.

'"We support their appeal, and welcome any clean and saleable clothes into our shops,' she said.

Oxfam is running a promotion in conjunction with Marks and Spencers offering a �5 voucher for any M&S garment brought into the shop. The voucher has to be spent within a month on M&S goods with a value in excess of �35.