Travellers set up camp at nature park

Travellers have set up camp at Scole Pocket Park near Diss. Picture: Simon Parkin

Travellers have set up camp at Scole Pocket Park near Diss. Picture: Simon Parkin - Credit: Simon Parkin

Travellers have moved onto a nature park in South Norfolk.

Caravans appeared on part of Scole Pocket Park, a nature trail area near to the roundabout junction between the A140 and A143, over the weekend.

Originally land acquired by Norfolk County Council in anticipation of the building of the two bypasses around Scole, the area has been transformed into footpaths, wildlife havens and a school nature classroom and is maintained by Scole Nature Trails Trust.

The travellers have seat up camp in a car park area that is accessed off the A143.

Scole Parish Council is currently in the process of taking over responsibility for this part of the land from Suffolk County Council.

Chairman Graham Moore said: "We are laising with the county council gypsy and traveller services. They seem to be fairly proactive and the liaison officers know the families involved.

"We were down there within an hour of them moving in but there is not a lot you can do. We didn't want to exacerbate the situation or inflame anything.

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"We are taking the view that we will let them do due process. It appears to be going smoothly and the county council will move them on as soon as the law allows it."

Peter Charles, a volunteer with Scole Nature Trails Trust, said: "They seem fine as such but it is just a pain in that they tend to leave a mess. I'm not saying they will, but we won't know until they are gone.

"They didn't do any damage on gaining entry. There is a low bar blocking the entrance but they managed to lift that in such a way that the padlock on it was nullified."