Norfolk set for dry week with temperatures to rise

It may be summer solstice but Norfolk has seen a cooler start to the week.

It may be summer solstice but Norfolk has seen a cooler start to the week. - Credit: Archant

We may have passed the summer solstice but Norfolk has seen a cooler start to the week.

A Norfolk weather forecaster says it should be a dry week overall with a mixture of cloud, wind and sunny intervals

Temperatures could rise to around 20 to 21C inland, from Thursday June 24 into the weekend - but it will cooler on the coast. 

Speaking on Monday, Adam Dury, a forecaster at Weatherquest based at the University of East Anglia, said: “Tomorrow should be pretty much dry across the region but with quite a bit of cloud in the morning.  

“During the day clouds slowly start to thin and more sunny spells into the afternoon. There will still be a bit of a north-easterly breeze.  

“Temperatures will still struggle a little bit with highs of 15-16C. The air temperature will be quite chilly in the breeze, but warm if you have the sun on you.  

“On Wednesday it will be another dry day but with longer spells of sunshine. There will still be a bit of a north-easterly breeze, but the winds should be a lot lighter.  

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“Temperatures could get up to about 19 to 20C inland, but closer to 16 to 17C on the coast.  

He continued: "Thursday should see quite a bit of sunshine around winds a lot lighter on Thursday. Highs of 20 to 21C inland, 17 to 18C near the coast. 

“On Friday temperatures could get to around 20 to 21C. But there is a risk of isolated showers, maybe a thunderstorm on Friday afternoon, even though we have the warm temperatures.  

“There is a risk of showers on Saturday afternoon, temperatures could reach 20 to 21C. Higher temperatures inland and a little more cloud around. 

“Generally, Sunday looks the same but more in the way of sunshine and a dry day.”