Belton v Scole United – quarter-final finishes in bizarre circumstances

Scole and Belton have to do it again next week after the game was abandoned due to a nasty injury to the referee.

Scole won the toss and elected to go against a very strong wind which was completely into their faces.

Despite this, after 5 minutes David Bloomfield skipped past his man and his low cross was met with a diving header by Luke Ashford which went wide by inches.

Belton with the wind behind them saw a lot of the ball but their long ball was being dealt with by the Scole backline although a long range Belton shot went narrowly wide. At the other end, Ashford beat his marker but shot straight at the keeper.

With just under 30 minutes played, a high ball went into the centre circle where Ben Cussons and Nyle Barker went for a header along with a Belton player who went for an overhead kick and the players boot hit the referee square in the face and knocked him out.

When the referee came round, he was in no state to continue so the teams shook hands and agreed to do it all again next week.

The referee thanked both teams for their medical help and has suffered no long lasting damage although he has two loose teeth, a black eye and a cut face!